How to filter the aggregated data

I use bucket_script in my search, and I got a new field called "useagerss" by bucket_script. Now, i holp to filter the data.When the "useagerss" is greater than 0.85,print it to the result,conversely, not print to the result. but I don't know how to implement it.

my configuration:

                    "useagerss": {
                      "bucket_script": {
                        "buckets_path": {
                          "available": "3",
                          "usage": "4",
                          "rss": "5"
                        "script": {
                          "source": "params.rss / ( params.available + params.usage) > 0.85 ? (params.rss / ( params.available + params.usage)):0",
                          "lang": "painless"
                        "format": "#.##"

The above method just lets it print to 0 when the value is less than 0.85, but it does not discard it.

How should I solve it? Can you give me an example´╝č

The bucket selector aggregation allows you to do exactly that.

Thank you very much! abdon.This problem has been solved.

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