How to filter the metric 'count' values in kibana?

(Ritesh) #1

I have created a visualization data table, wherein i got 2 columns

Region Count(this is metric)
North 2
East 3
South 1
West 5

In the above table, i want to filter the metrics 'count' by > 1 and i should get this below result

Region Count(this is metric)
North 2
East 3
West 5

By reading documents I discovered that we can filter the fields like
fields:>1, but how to filter the metric count?

(Ritesh) #2

Hi All,

any answer for this?


(Rashid Khan) #3

Filtering on bucket counts is not currently possible in Elasticsearch

(Ritesh) #4

I want to filter records whose count is greater than 1.
Is it possible in Kibana 4.1.1.?


Is this possible ?
Im looking for duplicate values on a certain field, so i need to add the condition : COUNT > 1.

(Yuri) #6

Any news?

(system) #7