How to filtering the data in api level while offloading in eastic search

How to filtering the data in api level while offloading the data in eastic search ?

Can any one help me here plz?

It is not clear what you are asking for. For someone to be able to provide a response I think you will need to elaborate on the question and provide more background and context around what you are looking to achieve.

Hi Christian,

In our present project we implemented the Elasticsearch and kibana, and we are able to see analytics data and all for all APIs which are running . But now i want to exclude ( remove) one api analytics from the index . How can we achieve this through filtering or during the offloading, is there any way to do this

Hi , Christian any idea reg my request, if yes coul you please confirm.


Could you please provide any link for my query?

Any one help me here ?

@sahithi From reading your requirement I understand that you are ingesting some data into Elasticsearch but there is some data you wish to exclude based on a condition. There are a few ways this can be accomplished depending on how you are ingesting your data:

  • Logstash - use the drop filter plugin in your logstash.conf configuration to match on the specific API you wish to discard and Logstash will exclude this event when indexing to Elasticsearch.
  • Filebeat - there is the drop events processor which is similar to the drop filter plugin mentioned above.
  • Ingest Pipelines - drop processor processor.

Hope this helps!

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