How to find all the queries terminated by elasticsearch when it reaches requestTimeout

We have specified request_timeout while creating Elasticsearch client using javascript library. Whenever the timeout is reached our understanding is that the query is terminated by Elasticsearch as it does not appear in slow query logs.

Is there any way we can find the list of all terminated/timed out queries ?

That would be in the slow logs, but it might be something that you need to change the thresholds for to show up.

I have already set the slow query threshold to 0micros to log all queries.

I think it will only come in slow query logs if the query gets completed, if it is terminated by Elasticsearch after x timeout it should not show in slow query logs. Is my understanding correct ?

Can someone help on this?

use nginx or APISIX or infini-gateway or some other gateway to monitor your requests

So, Elasticsearch does not internally write logs if any queries/operations got terminated ?

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