How to find documents with internal field value mismatch?

Hi there,

I am coming from years of SQL and trying to wrap my head around Elastic Query SDL. We have document which are processed by an analyzing tool and the result is saved with the version number in the same document.

  "id": "a1b2c3",
  "content": "Text",
  "source": "xyz",
  "result": { 
    "v0_1": 23, 
    "v0_2": 24 

How would I search for documents which have different results, meaning v0_1!=v0_2? So I can list documents where the analyzer (in a new version) suddenly delivers a different result.

Furthermore does it make sense to save the results within the document? Or is there best practice to store them as different type or version or in a different index? Some results may become very large JSON structures.