How to find the time taken to upload/write a file from filebeat to logstash to elastic search(pipeline)?

So I have a log file that is taken as an input by filebeat which is then outputted to logstash and from there to Elasticsearch. I need to calculate the time required/elapsed from the time I start filbeat and its reading process till the time it reaches Elasticsearch.

The pipeline is logfile-->filebeat-->logstash-->els. I need to find time elapsed from filbeat to els. I'm new to ELK and don't know how to use grok or similar features yet.

I have configured filebeat.yml as follows:


  • type: log paths:
  • /home/user/us/logs/lgfile.json output.logstash: hosts: ["localhost:port"]

and logstash conf file as:

input {

    beats {

        port => "5044"



output {

    stdout { codec => rubydebug }
    elasticsearch {
    hosts => ["localhost:port"]
    index => "elkpipego"


So far I have manually done this time calculation using a stopwatch from the time logstash reads the first msg and then used the difference with the timestamp of the last message. But this is clearly not so accurate and I would like to know if there's a way using any feature/grok/tool like jmeter/esrally or anything where I could accurately find the exact time elapsed till the last message is stashed on Elasticsearch? TIA