How to find which template indice is created with?

(Karthik Ramachandran) #1

I'm trying to find a way to identify which version/template an indice is applied with during creation.

We can look at the template itself and look for index_patterns, but what if the template is deleted or template is modified with changes to mapping. A new indice would get created with changes, but not any existing one's.

There are ways to explicitly find using date (in indice names if applied) or externally, but it would be easy if the same is identified using any property in the indice itself.

We can add _meta to template though, but doesn't help in the use case.

Any advice on this is helpful (or) is a new capability?

NOTE: There are threads on default value to indice data via mapping, which is addressed using ingest node/set processor. But this is not the case here.

(andy_zhou) #2

as i know close it and change the setting about indices and open again can change it.

(system) #3

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