How to fix the cluster health yellow with Elastic Search

I have created a ES instance on aws server. and it's working fine from last 1 Months, today i found that suddenly it's health status goes from green to yellow.
and it is also increase the response time. While another instance that is green will taking less time in the compare of this instance.

details are given below.

|Status Yellow
|Number of nodes1
|Number of data nodes1
|Active primary shards6
|Active shards6
|Relocating shards 0
|Initializing shards 0
|Unassigned shards 6

Please provide the suggestion what can i dot to change the health status from Yellow to Green.

Most likely at least one of your indices is set with 1 replica per primary shard. Which can not be allocated on a single node cluster.

Either increase the number of nodes or set replicas to 0.

BTW did you look at and ?

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