How to fix @timestamp

Hi ! i'm newbie this. how to fix it ? i tries many advices this blog, but didn't success.
i used winlogbeat and do it by

sorry, if i'm little grammar

this format date my computer


What are you trying to fix @timestamp? are you trying to make sure it's in your timezone? Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta?
If you click on management - and advanced settings - you can fix your data/zone/time format.

Let me know?


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i changed a little format date. this changed Short time and Long time.

i trying it, but same result. i confused my advance setting it wrong?

Where are you changing the date format? In Kibana or in your local computer? Why do you want to change it? How is it getting displayed in your discover right now?
And what do you want the timestamp fixed as? I can see that it's date right now.


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