How to force a Field to be displayed in several lines

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I am new in Kibana and I would like to display some step / results table in my dashboard.
Is it possible to force a field to be displayed in several lines?

Or ultimately is it possible to display recursively a JSON object into a tab?
For example:
"steps": {
"step1": {
"Description": "1. start the server test",
"ExpectedResult": "1. the server is started without errors"
"step2": {
"Description": "2. test",
"ExpectedResult": "2. test"
I would like to see:
|1. start the server test|1. the server is started without errors|
|2. test|2. test|

Or any other solution is welcome. (Description/ExpectedResult could also be on multiple line)

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Kevin,
I don't think there is. I tried both /n and <BR> and neither caused a line break in the output.

I think it might be a security issue if we let the browser interpret HTML that comes from a doc.

The only thing I can think of would be to have each step/result be in it's own doc in Elasticsearch.


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Thanks, for the reply. I tried to use array. It displays nicely in the discover but is not supported by kibana indexation so it is not available for visualization...

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