How to force excludes to include plural or possessives

Hello :

First I apologize if am asking my question to the incorrect audience. I do not see an forum.

I am using and want to exclude terms from the query results. For example if you wanted to exclude the name Maduro from the search, currently it will not exclude similar and close words such as Maduro’s or Maduro's . I cannot see how to to use fuzziness for excludes in or to apply filters such as snowball to the exclude and presumably filter match searches.

So from the elasticsearch_dsl python manual :

client = Elasticsearch()

s = Search(using=client, index="my-index")
.filter("term", category="search")
.query("match", title="python")
.exclude("match", description="beta")

the above .exclude("match", description="beta") would not exclude betas or beta's

Thank you for any suggestions.

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