How to format inregular json-string like this?

i have a json-string like this :
{ "aa":"123", "bb":"hello", "cc":"===this is inregular json==={"dd":"world","ee":"logstash"}" }
now,the config file in logstash is :
input { kafka { bootstrap_servers => "ip:port" topics => ["logging"] client_id => "logstashnode1" type => "kafka" codec => "json" group_id => "test" auto_offset_reset => "latest" } } output { elasticsearch { hosts => ["ip:port"] index => "%{index}" } }
when logstash is running , format json throw error,parse json error.because of the column "cc" 's value is like
"===this is inregular json==={"dd":"world","ee":"logstash"}"
combine with common string and json string.
so,how to format inregular json-string like this(i want not the columb "cc"'value parse to json)?

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