How to format, yyyymmdd to yyyy-mm-dd in a log file?

I've started working around with the ELK tool stack since few weeks. What I need is to get the timestamp of the log event which includes date and the time and show it in a different field (ie: log_timestamp). I've tried pulling out all the options for the Datestamp, but nothing worked. This is a line of the log file which I have.

"20160805 00:00:01.296,GetProvisioning,3,W1oOOW8oj58GhglVjVNg0Ssl4CXA1P,50219--1958335734-1470326399706,SUCCESS,GetProvisioningTransactionId-01223,null,W1oOOW8oj58GhglVjVNg0Ssl4CXA1P,en,CELCOM_MY_DCB
I need to format the date of the log event as yyyy-mm-dd since i'm unable to use the "Date" grok filters. Or is there a way that I can filter it out with the above yyyymmdd date format which is originally there in the log file?

Any help would be appreciated.

You could make your own version of "SYSLOGTIMESTAMP". And have that added to 'timestamp' and then do a 'date {}' on it.
Something like:
And use it in grok like:
grok { patterns_dir => "/path/to/own-patterns/" match => [ "message", "%{OWNTIMESTAMP:timestamp},%{GREEDYDATA:rest_message}" ] } date { match => [ "timestamp", "yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss" ] }
You can add multiple date matches. And if you like mutate to the format you want.

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Thank you, it works.

May I know how could I add my pattern %{OWNTIMESTAMP} as a new field?
Tried adding this in both grok plus date filters but didn't work:

add_field => { "logtimestamp" => "%{OWNTIMESTAMP}" }