How to get a free basic license.key for building?

Hi all:
I want to create a elasticsearch release build by command:

gradle assemble -Dbuild.snapshot=false

But I get an error message like this:

Property license.key must be set for release build

I didn't find how to get the free basic license.key from:

And I want build the package instead of downloading package directly.

If I just want create a release build based on a free basic license.key, how to get the free basic license.key? And how to use it for building?
It's acceptable for me with some missing features based on a free basic license.key, like x-pack and so on.


The licence key it needs here is not the same thing as the licence that the subscriptions talk about, it's a signing key:

I think this is only required to build X-pack, but I am not sure how to go about building just the non-X-pack components any more.

Why do you want to produce your own release build? The only real difference is the -SNAPSHOT in the version number, and I think it's important to use this to see the difference between official versions (built in a very carefully controlled environment) and versions built elsewhere.

I noticed that there is an elasticsearch-oss-*.tar.gz in the path of


I think it's a built without x-pack, maybe the license.key is not required if I just need oss built.
Like the way to build logstash:

./gradlew assembleTarDistribution
./gradlew assembleOssTarDistribution

But I don't know the oss built command either.
I will consider your suggestion. Thanks for your reply!

You can build just elasticsearch-oss-*.tar.gz with ./gradlew buildOssTar but this also doesn't work with -Dbuild.snapshot=false.

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