How to get a more accurate score?

Can anyone explain this situation? Different time, same score? I use the exp function:

"functions": [
"exp": {
"evnt_time": {
"origin": "now",
"scale": "900d",
"decay": 0.1
There is result:


You have a very small difference in time (3s) between the timestamps compared to a large scale (900d). Is it possible that the expected difference in score is less than the precision of the floating point representation? What would you expect the scores to be?

I hope that every second will produce a unique score. This sorts the scores, and the time order is correct. How does Scale affect the calculation of scores? I don't know how to adjust scale and decay to get the desired score.Thanks!

Why do they all need a different score? Why do you not just sort them by the timestamp?

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