How to get authorized with sAMAcount

i'm trying to use x-pack - shield
i've set up an active directory realm in my ES server
then i mapped a domain user to a superuser role
when i try to log in to the kibana with that domain user everything seems to work fine
i am able to log in
nothing is showing ,the kibana logo is there and the side bar menu also but everything else is blank - when i press the tabs nothing happens
then i realized that the user is authenticated but does not get permissions (even though it is mapped to a role)
the CN of our users is in hebrew (and the sAMAcount is in english) and since the authentication part is using the sAMAcount everything is working fine in that part
but the role mapping part is using the CN which is in hebrew like i mentioned

is there any way to map a user to a role with something else than the CN - it just doesn't support hebrew

i could not resolve this specific problem
but what i did is to create a security group in AD - named in an english name
add the user to this group
and map the GROUP to the role - then it worked just fine

Hi there, thank you for posting the solution to your problem!


No problem :slight_smile:

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