How to get average of count events?

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I need help with some vizualize: details see below.

I have some events in which I have next fields:

  1. name: heartbeat (this is name of event that i research)
  2. sessionId (this is session id that unique when user starts watching video in player)
  3. titleId (this is id of some video that user is watching)

I want to know average count of events with name = heartbeat per sessionId for each titleId. How could I write such request in Kibana? Please help.

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Hi Natalya,

For your search query, make sure you don't put a space after the :. So it should be name:heartbeat in the query bar in Kibana. If you add a space, you won't get an error, but you also might not get back the correct results.

Do you want a Data Table of values of count of events per sessionId and titleId? This should be very simple. Just create a new Data Table Visualization and click Split Rows, then select Terms Aggregation, and select your sessionId

Then click Add sub-buckets and add another Terms agg for titleId.
If it's not the way you want it, you can drag those blocks to switch the order.

Or did you want it over time, like a Line Chart with a Date Histogram?


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