How to get country name using LS filter

Hi Guys,

I am aware that I can use geoip { source => ...} to get country name based on source IP . But My concern is I am getting less data on Map when I am using Geoip filter in LS . So what I have done is I used following in LS, as I already have long,lat fileds in the data.

  mutate {
        convert => {
            "slat" => "float"
            "slong" => "float"
        add_field => {
            "[geoip][location]" => [ "%{slong}", "%{slat}" ]
            "[geoip][latitude]" => "%{slat}"
            "[geoip][longitude]" => "%{slong}"


With this approach I am able to see data on Map but I am not getting country name out of it . I am also aware that I can use database for this but we do not want to spent money on this database .Please suggest if I can achieve this with above mentioned LS code ? Something like add another country field ?