How to get iml policy's use by in ES 7.10?

The _ilm/policy/my_policy api can get which indices use this policy in current version, but in 7.10, the response does not contains in_use_by info.
How to get the similar info(in_use_by) in ES 7.10?
I noticed Kibana can show the policy's linked indices count, how does Kibana support that?

It seems kibana(7.10) use /*/_ilm/explain to collect all indices ilm explain info and calculate linked indices' count.
BTW ES(7.17) use in index settings in cluster state to calculate usage.

I would recommend you upgrade to at least 7.17 as the version you are using is quite old and has been EOL a long time.

Thanks for your suggestion. Upgrade is in my schedule.

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