How to get index data from kibana?

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i have a kibana 5.5.0 installed in my ubuntu machine. I have a index called filebeat-* in it. What i need is i need to get datas from the speecified index like i used curl (GET metricbeat-2017.07.19/_search) command to get details. I don't know i did that right... Likewise i need to get details from metricbeat, heartbeat, packetbeat indexex also. If anybody can have a solution to this issue is welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Dharani Kumar

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Hi Dharani,

You need to run beats for all the different beats you want, ingest them in to ES and then create index patterns in Kibana:

By default, beats write to 9200. So you don't have to do curl to add the data.

This is our documentation for it:


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