How to get latest modules like lang-groovy 5.0.0

(Eric) #1

i want to setup one maven repository to download artifact

As i can see, it is not available in maven central :|gav|1|g%3A"org.elasticsearch.module"%20AND%20a%3A"lang-groovy"

Is there any additional repository to add ?

(Eric) #2

i found url for plugins like

but is there any repo for modules ?

(David Pilato) #3

See the discussion which happened here:

we should only publish jars that expose an API that the client needs to program against. Once the HTTP client becomes the standard, we won't even need to do that.

It means here that groovy for example will be executed only on the server (in elasticsearch node) so you "don't need it" on the client layer.

(Eric) #4

yes i understand this, but i need it to run integration test to start embedded node.

Actually, i'm downloading all required plugins, modules, and put them in one dedicated folder under build, and starting ES. works fine, but the only thing that i have to compile myself modules and published them in my local maven repo to make it working

(system) #5