How to get metrics on telegraf endpoint

I'm trying to use metricbeat to read from a server that has exposed host:9050/metrics, in one of the metrics looks like

# HELP mongodb_active_reads Telegraf collected metric
# TYPE mongodb_active_reads untyped
mongodb_active_reads{deployment="production1",deployment1="production1",deployment2="production1",host="server1",hostname="mongodb1:27017",member_status="SEC",node_type="SEC",role="mongo-dms",rs_name="production-shared",state="SECONDARY",version="4.4.1"} 1

I enabled the module prometeus in metricbeat, but what I see in kibana is only metrics of cpu memory etc, nothing on mongodb.
I can't use mongodb module because metribeat doesn't support 5.x version and I don't have access to the rs.status()
Any idea how to get that?

Please consider using Prometheus input package. Reference : Prometheus Input | Documentation

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