How to get Number type by using Grok



I have this field below
and I want to use grok to get the number 427 at the end and add it to new field as type number

I did the following
grok {
match => { "name" => "%{GREEDYDATA}device: %{NUMBER:concurrentUsers}"}

but still get the new field named concurrentUsers as string concurrentUsers

How can I make Number type??

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Quoting the grok filter documentation:

Optionally you can add a data type conversion to your grok pattern. By default all semantics are saved as strings. If you wish to convert a semantic’s data type, for example change a string to an integer then suffix it with the target data type. For example %{NUMBER:num:int} which converts the num semantic from a string to an integer. Currently the only supported conversions are int and float .

Keep in mind that the data type of a field in an index can't ever change, so you have to reindex your current data or just start over.


I did the change in conf file with %{NUMBER:concurrentUsers:int} and still the field string cause I think the index in elasticsearch is mentioning string datatype. How can I reindex the data?


I created new index and removed the old one and now its working successfully
thank you

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