How to get only indices list which I have permission

If I have A and B users in my ES.

A can access only a,b,c,d indices. And B can access only e,f,g,h.

In this situation, how can A user get indices list 'a, b, c, d' using ES APi?

If I use _cat/indices, it returns 403.


The _cat API is an admin task and requires some cluster privileges.
But if you run:

GET /_search

User A will only see the content of indices a,b,c,d and User B will only see e,f,g,h.

Thanks for your reply.
I checked GET /a/_search and it gets information of a index.
But I want to get [a, b, c] list at once.
Is "GET /_search" for that? in my situation it also returns 403.

Could you try

GET /_all/_search

May be you need to create aliases and give some read rights to each alias?

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