How to get particular document using cmd from an index in Elastic Search

We want to see the particular document is available in ES under the particular index, so we tried the below query in cerebro visualization tool.

GET Method



  "_index": "en_y_91",
  "_type": "basic_type",
  "_id": "denmod_y_107722",
  "found": false

So could anyone help us to find the right command for getting the particular document from an index.

Thanks in advance !!!

The command looks right, but the document does not exist in that index, thus found: false is being returned.

please check the below screenshots,

Screenshot 1 :
Image output shows data available but still cmd output shows found false.

Screenshot 2:
Image output shows data unavailable(i.e. index not found) but still cmd output shows found false.

Kindly check & provide the possible solution for the same.

As on the case 1, we have the document in ELK but we see found - false.

Thanks in advance !!!

Can you please share the output for


Did you mean the below query ? as the above mentioned by you is wrong.


denmod_y_107325 -- it represents ID right .. i wanted to see what data it fetches for this en_y_91/basic_type/denmod_y_105334

It remains the same output. Check below.

It looks to me like ‘denmod_y_107325’ is an alias rather than a document id. If this is the case you need to query using the alias rather than the underlying index name.

could you help me in querying the alias name.

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