How to get related results when keyword is not even matching

(Emil) #1

How can I get results like in the screenshot? When I type "led tv", it should return some brands like samsung, lg etc as in the screenshot? I have seen synonyms but I am not exactly if it is the way to go?

(Dominik) #2

Hi Emil,

maybe you can enrich your data set with with further information like tags, item-type or categories. We also have Elasticsearch to represent a product-catalog and introduced this kind of information, as it's necessary.

E.g. customers search for certain item-types like 'gear', 'set' or 'accessoire'. As this information is finite, we are able to add this into our search-catalog.

Furthermore, if you are using the Java API for querying, you could implement a pre processor on 'keyword-spotting'. In this approach we run single search terms against certain dictionaries (with keywords) from our database - e.g. with all existing colors or item-types. Every match per term is a 'must'-clause in the search-request against Elasticsearch, narrowing down the result set.

Cheers, Dominik

(system) #3