How to get response from Serial Differencing Aggregation in java client

My aggregation code is as below, so what will be the aggregation response code?

RestHighLevelClient hclient = client.getClient();

SearchResponse response = SearchRequest(index)
                            new SearchSourceBuilder()
    .query(new QueryBuilders.boolQuery().must(QueryBuilders.rangeQuery("@timestamp").from("now-12d").to("now")))

                                        .dateHistogramInterval(new DateHistogramInterval("1d"))
            ), RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

    Aggregations agg = response.getAggregations();
    Histogram subterm = agg.get("mainAgg");

    for (Histogram.Bucket subEntry : subTerm.getBuckets()) {

    ValueCount count = subEntry.getAggregations().get("subAgg2");

    HOW to get Pipeline aggregation result here ??????



How to get pipeline aggregation to result in for loop?

please help

Anybody please reply

How to get responds from Serial Differencing Aggregation in java high level client Elasticsearch

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