How to get rid of extra double quote

I have this logstash filter I'm struggling with. Right now it comes out like this in rubydebug:
"type" => "log",
"host" => "CY-C0D6E-006",
"Date" => "2016-10-12",
"Time" => "14:35:43.891",
"computername" => ""Z49OS2SWB114T"",
"serverIP" => "",
"method" => "GET",
"uriStem" => "/iis/1/healthcheck/",

My problems is that these fields will not always have the ", so I can't fix it in the grok filter, I have to do it afterwards in each field. However, I'm struggling to come up with a gsub statement that can help me.

Does anyone have any pointers on what I can do to normalize these strings?

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Should work:

mutate {
  gsub => ["computername", '"', '']
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Thanks, I will try that