How to get start offset and end offset of a search string in search result in elasticsearch

Hi team, I have a requirement to find the start and end position of a particular word in a text.

Storing term_vectors and using the Term vectors API might be the best bet?

Thanks for the reply!

Suppose my text is "The patient date of birth is 12/11/2019", and I am searching for "date of birth" in the text. Upon search I need to get the start and end offset of the search string in the search result.

I need a result something like,

"date of birth" : {
    "start_offset" : 12,
    "end_offset" : 25

I have explored the term vectors API, but every time when I search, the start offset always starts with 0. In my case my search string offset in whole text is 12.


You might find success with Highlighting.

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