How to get switch, storage fan, temp status info?

I want to get switch, storage fan, temp, power status.

How to get that information?

That infor is like below.

Fan             Model                Hw         Status
Fan-1           N3K-C3048-FAN        --         ok
PS-1            N2200-PAC-400W       --         ok
PS-2            N2200-PAC-400W       --         ok

Where is this data? Do you have a system monitoring tool that has this data? If yes, how can you export or forward the data?

This data is cisco switch command result.

I typed command 'show environment fan' in switch.

Could you try setting up SNMP traps to capture this information?

Logstash has an SNMP input, so you can use that to consume the data.

I already set up SNMP input and switch SNMP config
get => [""]
hosts => [{host => "SWITCH-IP/161" community => "public"}]

I used OID in cisco MIB. But, I can't get that information.
This is the data that I got.
error: no such instance currently exists at this OID

Sorry, not much of an experience on setting up SNMP traps, but reading the error it seems that the traps are not working correctly.

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