How To get the alert severity in the body of the message , while sending the data via WEBHOOK


I'm creating a threshold alert by using the metric beat module.
But while creating the event , we need to specify the information in the Body part so that it wil appear once the alert got generated. My question here is how to get the severity of alert .

For Example : If you want to get the metadata then we can write something like this {{ctx.metadata.*}}

I searched for several ways but not able to get the value some examples which i tried was


Could you please let us know how tho get this info.

Kind Regards

Are you trying to get the severity from the event.severity field? If so, you'll need to configure your inputs to retrieve that field for the result. Then you should be able to access it from the {{ctx.payload.result}}.

It might help us if you can share how you created your threshold alert.

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