How to get the metrics of daily open tickets count from open and closed date and create bar chart

Not sure if elasticsearch and kibana support this use case.

We have a DevOp ticket status dashboard to show the number of IT help desk tickets in the pipeline and the status of the ticket. I want to create a bar chart to show the number of open tickets daily and I am not sure how to do it.

DB configuration:
The index name is _index:devop_api_mdn-% and the document id (_id) is the helpdesk ticket ID. The data is updated hourly and the document of a specific ticket is updated every time when the status of the ticket changes. Since each ticket has an open date and close date (when it's closed), is there a way to get the number of open tickets daily based on the open and close dates? For example, if I have 10 tickets open and closed in January, can I get a date histogram chart to show the open ticket number? I created a chart to show the expected outcome.

I understand that this metrics can be achieved by configuring the index a different way, for example - differentiating the ingestion by having date stamp as part of the index name to keep a record of the daily open count. The issue here is that if we do it that way, we will end up have a lot of duplicated data in the system.

Based on how we configure the database and data points available, is there a way or other ways to create the visualization using the feature currently available in Kibana or any of the plug-ins?


sorry first for the late response. Due to Elastic{ON} I couldn't have a look yet into this. I think you will actually be able to solve the requested chart within Timelion (and only there :D), but I would get back to you next week, since I need to play around a bit to figure out a solution, that will really work in all cases.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay.


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