How to get the synchronized new file information of WorkplaceSearch?

I'm using WorkplaceSearch of v.8.12.0 Elastic Cloud.
I managed to get the last runtime of content source synchronization with this code.

POST <ENTERPRISE_SEARCH_BASE_URL>/api/ws/v1/sources/<content-source-id>

Now, I have a question which new file has been synchronized last runtime?
Is there any API to get that info??

Hi Mizuki,

There is no direct API to get this information, however you can get this information in several steps:

  1. Get the date and time when the sync was happening
  2. Call the Search API for your content source and check the meta fields - there is a field last_updated that should answer your question. You should be able to use filters and sorting to make it return only results that changed from specific point in time
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