How to hide filter from showing in the filter bar?

We have created multiple dashboards with one index and multiple document types which belongs to that index. Each document type have two common columns namely org_id (organization id) and workflow_id. We have to filter data from visualizations based on the logged organization and particular workflow under that organization. So that we added 2 filters, one is org_id and another one is workflow_id. Now we have to hide the org_id from showing in the filter bar. But it should be applied in the filter and the workflow_id filter should not be hidden. How we can achieve this functionality? If we need to edit the kibana code , then where we have to change? can anyone guide us? Please reply as soon as possible.
Thank You in advance!!!

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Hi @saafianihan,

I can't think of a way to easily hide filters. It sounds like you want to set up a multi-tenant situation here. If that is the case, I would advise to index the documents of the two organisations into separate indices and use x-pack security to selectively grant access to different users.

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