How to hide output from es server

Hi all,
How can I hide output printed in java client when connecting to ES server?

Which output? What do you mean?

When connecting using TransportClient I get this kind of output..

CODE = TransportClient.builder().settings(Settings.builder() .... build().addTransportAddress(IP);


15:34:34.576 [main] INFO  org.elasticsearch.plugins - [mynode_node] loaded [], sites []
15:34:34.606 [main] DEBUG org.elasticsearch.threadpool - [mynode_node] creating thread_pool [force_merge], type [fixed], size [1], queue_size [null]

Change the logger settings.
You probably added a logger to your project, don't you?

So change org.elasticsearch to ERROR for example.

Thanks.Let me try that.

I have tried setting the error level of the root logger.But still get the the same logging output.


But the problem is setLevel( ) function seems not setting the error fact it's an empty method.
Am I missing something ?

Don't you have a file or similar in your classpath?