How to hide the left panel of a datavisualisation through the URL

Hi there,

I need to have a datavisualisation OUTSIDE any dashboard (so that I can pass dynamically parameters through the URL calling the datavis).
So I got a dashboard with a link to a new page with this datavis.

When the datavis page opens, there is this panel on the left (the panel with which the datavis is defined), and you can hide it clicking on the small arrow on its right side.

Is there any option that I could add to the datavis URL (or a datavis option, maybe??) so that this left panel is hidden by default?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @Ted1,

Try adding &embed=true to the end of the vis URL. This should hide everything but the visualization itself.

For example, here's a visualization from our demo environment that I've added the embed param to.

One important thing to note is that this is purely cosmetic; it does not enforce any security restrictions on the person viewing the visualization. It simply hides the rest of the UI.

Hi @lukeelmers,
Thanks a lot, exactly what I wanted!

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