How to Hide the Zero records using JSON Input in Metric Dashboard

My document gets the data on irregular interval.The field name is Ex.,SensexValue. There can be multiple values on the field (SensexValue) in every interval, with different timestamp(milliseconds) and some interval the field may not be available in the document. I am trying to calculate the sum of the field values on every interval, for that I am using SUM on Metric aggregation to add the values & using Date Histogram to bucket every minutes. Now I am getting SUM value for every interval but since some of the interval I don't have the field, I am getting 0 count. How can I hide the zero values in my dashboard.? Is it possible by using JSON Input.?

Hi @Maruthappan_Muthu

what would you want to show in place of 0 values? Hide the table/row?

Yes, I just want to hide the row of 0 values.

No, it's not possible yet to hide rows/tables based cell values.

Okay, Is there any other option to fix the above stated case, with any type of dashboard?

Not yet. You can track this feature request which is asking something similar: [Lens] Allow client-side bucket filtering of numbers by selecting the visible number range · Issue #86190 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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