How to Implement ILM on a Fixed Index?

I am currently using the elasticsearch-logger plugin from APISIX (GitHub - apache/apisix: The Cloud-Native API Gateway) to write logs to Elasticsearch. However, this plugin does not support creating new index by date and can only use a fixed value, like "apisix_log". In addition, the plugin writes to an alias named "apisix". I have searched extensively online and even consulted ChatGPT 4, but have yet to resolve my issue. Therefore, I'm turning to the community for assistance. How should I implement ILM in this situation?

I would recommend you create a rollover index with a write alias named apisix. Your plugin will index into this write alias and you then set up ILM to rollover the index and delete old indices.

Thank you for your response. I was able to solve the problem based on your suggestions.

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