How to improve Kibana initial loading time

I have a Kibana dashboard which contains 7 Vega-lite visualizations & 2 Kibana lens visualizations. Version used: 8.6.1
The dashboard takes around 13-14 sec to load. Most of the time is spent in initial loading of Kibana.
We have also tried after disabling some Kibana settings from advanced setting like
Kibana is currently using 3-node Elasticsearch cluster and tried to implement other dashboard optimization settings in Kibana as well.

We have also use Elasticsearch Aggregation concepts for optimizing the Kibana Dashboard and loading time of each visualization.

Please suggest some method/ useful links to get the dashboard loaded in least possible time.

Also, is it possible to disable some plugins like APM, canvas and some other setting which is not for our use so that same are not loaded at run time & loading time can be improved?
If yes, please guide.

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The limit might be more with the client running web browser that is connecting to kibana. I wouldn't expect APM or canvas to have any affect on a dashboard since you wouldn't be looking at those elements in said dashboard. Accessing it in an iframe will also cost more browser memory since it is essentially rendering two websites on the same page (one inside another). What kind of client is accessing this dashboard? A nice beefy machine with lots of ram and cpu capacity, or a perhaps a raspberry pi that is just trying it's best. :slight_smile: If the latter you might be in for a bad time no matter what you do on the server side.

If that isn't the issue I'd make sure the underlying data being pulled from elastic is as efficient as possible. For example if you can limit pulling 50% of all the underlying records before even trying to build the visualizations that would be something to do.

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