How to Increase Kibana Storage

My kibana use full memory 195 out of 200gb how to increase space in kibana server i have 50 gb free disk space. Because of full memory i cannot edit anything like deleting old dashboard or visualization or create new visualization. Please help

Hello, what happens when you restart the Kibana server?

i have restart the kibana server still the storage show the same space

Any idea what might cause this large image size? Our only current suspicion is, a very very very large number of old PDF reports. If you can enable your OS to swap to disk, or add disk for swap memory, it may be able to start, then the act of freeing up resources can start

It's also worth checking your directory structure and directory sizes; if the problem is indeed wirth PDF reports, you should be able to delete them at the file (directory) level, without restarting Kibana.

Storage is allocated by restarting the machine. Thank you for you guide and support

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