How to index a document using Java REST client POST method



I want to index a document into amazonES . I am using Java REST client .
As per the documentation I found links to indexing a document as PUT method.

Map<String, String> params = Collections.emptyMap();
String jsonString = "{" +
            "\"user\":\"kimchy\"," +
            "\"postDate\":\"2013-01-30\"," +
            "\"message\":\"trying out Elasticsearch\"" +
HttpEntity entity = new NStringEntity(jsonString, ContentType.APPLICATION_JSON);
Response response = restClient.performRequest("PUT", "/posts/doc/1", params, entity); 

But I would like to know how to perform POST where I don't want to provide the id .

Please assist me with any docs or links.


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Would that work?

Response response = restClient.performRequest("POST", "/posts/doc", params, entity);

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