How to index documents in elasticsearch in the hierarchical way ( depth of the tree)?

I have 1 pdf document in which there is a heading then subheading and it's paragraphs ( more than 1 paragraph). I don't know the depth of the tree.
For example:

> heading1
>   subheading1
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>   subheading2
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> heading2
>   subheading1
>     ....
>     ....
>   subheading2
>     .....
>     ....

What is the use case?

I mean : what kind of object do you want to retrieve? A full document? Just a paragraph?

I just want to retrieve paragraph here

Elasticsearch doesn't really handle hierarchical structures. There are of course several ways to solve this, one way I have used in the past is to split the document into small pieces, designed to be returned as search hit. Data should also be denormalized so you add all the data+metadata you need into the small documents. So in your instance perhaps create documents containing just a singe paragraph, with subheading, text for all headings above, index of place in document, document name, etc.
When you search you display only the data from the search hit. Once the use wants to read the document, you can create separate functions that scroll the user to the search hit, and you can use a similar data structure to search inside the document.

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Thank you so much @Babadofar for your input. Its really helpful for me

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