How to index Dropbox documents?


I have been using FScrawler to index files from directories. But I have files (around 2GB) in Dropbox which I want to index and use them with elastic search.
Is there anyway to use FScrawler for Dropbox?
I saw the Dropbox river plugin github page, but the commands mentioned there are not working with Elastic search 7.2.1. Could you please help me with indexing Dropbox files?


Sorry, Elastic search version is 7.5.1 in CentOS7.
I went to "/usr/share/elasticsearch" and tried
"$ bin/plugin -install fr.pilato.elasticsearch.river/dropbox/0.1.0"
command which is displaying the below message.

A tool for managing installed elasticsearch plugins

Non-option arguments:

Option         Description
------         -----------
-h, --help     show help
-s, --silent   show minimal output
-v, --verbose  show verbose output
ERROR: i is not a recognized option

Am I in the wrong directory or is it a wrong command?



FSCrawler does not support Dropbox. See

Elastic Enterprise Search has that feature. It's under a commercial license.

I don't maintain this since rivers removal in elasticsearch.

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