How to index these documents

i will index some doc, which are like this:

   "location" :{
       "type" : "point",
       "coordinates" : [1, 2]
               { "loc": [1.0000001, 2.000001], "ts": 1000},
               { "loc": [1.0000001, 2.000001], "ts": 1001}
               { "loc": [1.0000001, 2.000001], "ts": 1000},
               { "loc": [1.0000001, 2.000001], "ts": 1001}
  • only location should be indexed in geo_shape index type.
    any other fileds should not be indexed, but the json structure should be remained,
  •    i will find  some fileds inside. i think keep the json structure may be fast. 
       if set other filed to not a type. the mapping will not updated. will it unencode json data everytime when i query this doc, or will it find some filed in this json be slow?
       the doc could be very large

fileds DevId_1 DeviId_xxx is filed has nested document. and could be appended.

  • how to make a mapping for this document?

  • use dynamic template? i cant make every fileds not being indexed.

  • use dynamic:false? how to append new nested doc ? will it be slow when querying?

  • all i want is Dev_XXX filed not index, and store only original data.

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