How to index types correctly to be prepared for the future updates

Hey guys I am learning Elasticsearch and some old tutorials suggest I should use types, I see that multiple types are not allowed anymore and found this announcement here:

Multiple mapping types are not supported in indices created in 6.0

The ability to have multiple mapping types per index has been removed in 6.0. New indices will be restricted to a single type. This is the first step in the plan to remove mapping types altogether. Indices created in 5.x will continue to support multiple mapping types.

My question is:

Is it better to not to use types at all?
How can i not use a type if i want to add an index key in the end
As i understand the structure is still following: PUT index_name/type/ID

Looking forward to your thoughts on best practices when designing my database.


Best thing to do is to use _doc as the type name for now. That will prepare you for the future.

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