How to install a plugin before writing a test case on it?

(apanimesh061) #1

I have created a plugin for custom default scoring in elastic search.
I created a Json template that uses that plugin but as soon as I create an index that uses that template I get an error:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown Similarity type [new_default] for [default]

where, new_default is name of the new default similarity. I have tested the plugin on my local system using cURL commands and it works as expected i.e. I don't get the error above.

I add the template using this:

PutIndexTemplateResponse putResponse = .... // set the template via a Json
GetIndexTemplatesResponse getResponse = client.admin().indices().prepareGetTemplates().get();
assertThat(getResponse.getIndexTemplates(), hasSize(1));

Both the test cases pass. The template is for indices that start with new_.

And I create an index using createIndex("new_index")

What should I do to correct this?

(Ivan Brusic) #2

I have not tried with 2.x, but you should not need to create a plugin for a
new similarity or function score. The code just needs to be deployed as a
jar in elasticsearch's classpath, with the proper naming conventions.

Perhaps there is a chicken-and-egg problem with templates? Can you try
without them?


(Jörg Prante) #3

Can you show the complete code so that it can be understood what you do in your plugin?

Especially, how you used addSimilarity() in SimilarityModule

(apanimesh061) #4


This is the class where I define the onModule functions:

public class NewTestPlugin extends Plugin {
    public String name() {
        return "scoring-test-plugin";
    public String description() {
        return "Enables custom scoring functions";
    public void onModule(SimilarityModule similarityModule) {
        similarityModule.addSimilarity("new_default", NewSimilarityProvider.class);

(apanimesh061) #5


I have added the code where I use the addSimilarity function.

(Jörg Prante) #6

I need some time to reproduce, looks like template is not working.

The code for

PutIndexTemplateResponse putResponse = .... // set the template via a Json

would help.

(apanimesh061) #7

Thanks for the reply.
After some debugging I noticed that there was an issue in TestCase only.
The test case was not extending ESIntegTestCase. When I did that, this error was not there any more!!

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