How to install on Pfsense

(Wieger van der Meulen) #1

Hi there,

I want to start using my Pfsense box to get logs to a ELK instance. I'm following this tutorial:

It states that I need to download the latest build (with the according sha1 hash) from:

However, it seems that there are no builds in that directory (does contain builds for heartbeat and auditbeat). Can someone point me to the correct build servers?


(Mark Walkom) #2

FYI we’ve renamed ELK to the Elastic Stack, otherwise Beats and APM feel left out! :wink:

What OS is this for?

(Wieger van der Meulen) #3

Sorry, quite new to the whole thing. I want to use my Pfsense box, which runs a version of FreeBSD.

(Mark Walkom) #4

No worries!

In that case you should be able to just grab the tar.gz from, extract that and then use it :slight_smile:

(Wieger van der Meulen) #5

Thanks! Ill try this out in the next couple of days and will get back to you. Anything specific I should look out for?

(Mark Walkom) #6

The tar.gz doesn't come with an init/service file, that's the downside.

You could convert an rpm/deb to the pkg it normally uses, but that's well outside my experience sorry.

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