How to install php agent for apm

Hello !

I want to test the apm with my php application. My application is on a RHEL server.

I have read the guide but I don't really understand where the files come from.

I understand that when you do the rpm -ivh of the apm-agent-php-1.3.1-1.noarch.rpm

this generates the files and <repo root> /src/bootstrap_php_part.php

then you just have to reference these documents in the php.ini like this:
elastic_apm.bootstrap_php_part_file=<repo root>/src/bootstrap_php_part.php

I am mistaken? how is it really done?

Thanks in advanced!

Hi @rodri.gz,

The steps you followed so far seem to be correct. The only step missing is the configuration of the APM server. Still, in your php.ini file, you should include the following properties:
elastic_apm.bootstrap_php_part_file=<repo root>/src/bootstrap_php_part.php

For more information about which properties are available, check this page.


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Yes! I forgot to say that I had already installed it and it seems to be correct.

Perfect im going to try it . The < repo root > is the ~/root by default , another folder or a repository?

Thank you very much for answering and answering so quickly!

It should be a location that your PHP code can reach — whether absolute or relative to the path. As an example, consider this:



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i'll try taht.

Perfect , Thank you soooo much!!

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