How to instrument a different XmlHttpRequest Object


I have been started using APM-RUM agent and I found the need of patch and instrument a different XmlHttpRequest object. Is there any way to do that? I think this can be a really interesting feature.

Thanks in advance

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for posting the question. Could you help me understand the feature request in detail?

When you say different XmlHttpRequest does it mean the one that is being instrumented via the RUM agent or some other API that the agent does not instrument at the moment?


Hi Vignesh,

Thanks for your quick response. Nowadays is common the use of an Iframe for cross domain ajax request without CORS. In this case, the RUM agent is not able to instrument the XmlHttpRequest object of the Iframe. Having a look to the RUM agent code I was able to see how RUM was doing the instrumentation and I did a small test trying to instrument the Iframe object. But this is not a proper solution. It would be interesting if the RUM agent could provide this on the API somehow.


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