User experience dashboard is empty even after enabling RUM

I have enabled APM Monitoring on Java based application. I am using javaagent on the apm agents.

In order to get RUM do i need to use RUM(JS)? Along side with java agent?

But user experince dashboard is showing empty. I have enabled RUM in apm-server.yml.

 #---------------------------- APM Server - RUM Real User Monitoring ----------------------------

  # Enable Real User Monitoring (RUM) Support. By default RUM is disabled.
  # RUM does not support token based authorization. Enabled RUM endpoints will not require any authorization
  # token configured for other endpoints.
          enabled: true

    # Rate-limit RUM agents.
    # WARNING: This configuration is deprecated and replaced with `apm-server.auth.anonymous.rate_limit`,
    # and will be removed in the 8.0 release. If that config is defined, this one will be ignored.

      # Defines the maximum amount of events allowed to be sent to the APM Server RUM
      # endpoint per IP per second. Defaults to 300.
      limit: 300

      # Sourcemapping is enabled by default.
      enabled: true
        expiration: 5m

Hi Rahul,

You will need to user the RUM agent for sending data for User Experience. It's for use with JavaScript though. Can you explain what type of application you are trying to instrument using RUM? Checking since you make reference to the Java APM agent.

Got it thank you. Actually i have 2 applications.
1.) Java API Not needed RUM for this.
2) PHP application we have, might be needing RUM in this case.

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